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Mi bacinica y yo

This translation from the English version is not bad. Some of the word choices strike me as odd - like the use of "pipí" for penis, and "trasero" for bottom, and "caca" instead of "popo." But overall, the book is a decent potty book and the translation works.

Potty book in Spanish
Original Language of Book: English

I am not a potty-training expert by any means, but having just potty trained my own son, I don't know that I would recommend reading potty books in Spanish, unless you feel pretty confident that your little one is progressing at the same pace in English and Spanish. Because learning to use the potty is a big task in and of itself. And unless your little one is equally adept in both languages, you risk confusing them by using different words for what you're asking them to do. During the potty-training phase, you want your instructions to be unmistakably clear and easy to understand.

If you, your partner, or someone else who interacts frequently with your little one speaks exclusively to them in Spanish, then it makes sense to read potty books in both languages, because you'll need your little one to understand the process and the instructions regardless of which adult is present. But if you're speaking mostly in English and incorporating Spanish on a somewhat consistent or less-than-consistent basis, then you might want to let your little one master using the potty before learning the Spanish terminology for it - and at that point, this book may not make the most sense, given that it's geared towards introducing and normalizing the social practice of pooping and peeing in the potty.

Author and Illustrator: Alona Frankel

Where to Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bed, Bath & Beyond

Estimated Price: $7.95