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Formas de Jugar

This is a simple, beginner book to introduce babies to basic shapes - circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and diamond. The text is in English and Spanish, so you can explore both at once.

Bilingual books for kids
Original Language of Book: Bilingual English and Spanish

The illustrations incorporate the shapes to create objects which are recognizable to babies and toddlers, like houses, a truck, and a school bus. It's a fun reminder that geometry is all around us, all the time.

And with a little encouragement from you, your toddler might start looking for basic geometric shapes in their everyday world - windows, cars, sandwiches, phones, books - literally everywhere. There are removable puzzle pieces in the back, which can be used to fill in the illustrations. We lost ours right away, but the book is still a valuable read without them.

Where to find it: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target