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El gallo de bodas (Ages 2-5)

El gallo de bodas (aka The Bossy Gallito) is a silly tale about a bossy rooster who dirties his beak on his way to his uncle's wedding. He orders the grass to help him clean his beak, but the grass refuses. The rooster proceeds to order a goat, a stick, fire, and water to help him by threatening harm to the others.

He ultimately gets what he wants when his friend, the sun, agrees to dry up the water,

which, in turn,

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Original Language of Book: Spanish

agrees to put out the fire,

which, in turn,

agrees to burn the stick,

which, in turn,

agrees to hit the goat,

which, in turn,

agrees to eat the grass,

which, in turn,

agrees to help the rooster.

Is there a message? Perhaps - don't expect help from others unless you help them first.

All in all, there are cuter, more interesting books out there. But this is not a bad read. It introduces lots of vocabulary, and it provides plenty of opportunities to use fun voices.

This book is available in paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.