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¡Eso no es normal! (Ages 2-6)

In this adorable children's book, an elephant with an extraordinarily long trunk shows us that "normal" is not better, and "different" is something to be cherished.

Libros infantiles - Best children's books in Spanish
Original Language of Book: Spanish

The illustrations are fun; the action is exciting; and the lessons learned by the hippopotamus are valuable to all. This book reminds children to appreciate other's differences, and also demonstrates the importance of acknowledging our mistakes and apologizing for them.

If you're looking for a children's book originally written in Spanish to read to a child from 2-6 years old, this book is an especially good choice.

This book is available in hardcover at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and LA librería. (With a quick Google search, you may also be find it used at Barnes & Noble and other retailers.)