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Cosas que me gustan (Ages 0-3)

Kids books in Spanish
Original Language of Book: English

This translation from the original, Things I Like, is a simple book to introduce basic vocabulary to the youngest of readers. Kids learn verbs and nouns to describe activities and things that they likely enjoy doing - like painting and playing with toys - so the words are immediately useful to them. The illustrations are bright and simple, and they provide plenty of opportunities to talk about colors, shapes, and numbers.

This book is simple enough that it loses little in translation (perhaps "escalar" would have been a better choice than "subirse" to describe climbing a tree, but it still works). If you're looking for a basic kids' book in Spanish to read to a toddler, this is a good one.

Author: Anthony Browne

Where to Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Estimated Cost: $9.20