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Aventuras del alfabeto (Ages 0-5)

With its playful phrases and imaginative illustrations, Aventuras del alfabeto makes learning the alphabet fun for any age. In addition to the alphabet, the book introduces numbers (one through ten); colors; present-tense verbs; animals; and tons of basic vocabulary that's useful in everyday life as a toddler (words like garden, moon, egg, water, and bubbles...).

Kids love to let their imaginations run wild, and this book encourages just that. Anything is possible in these pages - old cows fly; penguins ice skate; kiwi-eating koalas wear kimonos...

The vibrant illustrations provide many opportunities for unscripted discussions about colors, settings, sounds, and other details.

Originally written in Spanish, by the bilingual parents of a young toddler, this book was designed with a toddler's attention span in mind. And, because it was originally (and exclusively) written in Spanish, it harnesses the beautiful nuances of the language to deliver the alphabet through alliteration.

If you're looking for a fun children's book, originally written in Spanish, to introduce the alphabet and loads of other useful vocabulary to kids (or adults learning Spanish, for that matter), this is an excellent choice.

Aventuras del alfabeto is currently available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

It looks awesome on the Kindle Fire! The colors fill the screen.

Authors: Monica Frascona and Isaac Pastrana

Illustrator: Santiago Rial

Where to Buy: Amazon

Estimated Price: $9.99