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¡A dormir!

I find this book boring. So does my son. But it's a simple way to introduce vocabulary about going to bed.

Kid's book in Spanish
Original Language of Book: Spanish

¡A dormir! is a very basic board book, which was originally written in Spanish by a Spanish graphic designer, illustrator, and author.

When bedtime arrives, Tula, the little girl, drinks water, goes to the bathroom, and selects a teddy bear, before getting into bed. For some reason, she doesn't also brush her teeth. Her mom reads her a story, gives her a kiss, and turns out the light. Tula stays in her bedroom the whole night, and in the morning, the illustration implies that she gets a prize for sleeping well.

It's fine. Not great. Not terrible. Just fine. It comes with pink star-shaped stickers, which I guess are intended to be given as prizes to the reader's kids when they sleep well. Our son just took them out and played with them. We don't reward him for sleeping well.

Author: Patricia Geis

Where to Buy: Amazon

Estimated Price: $15.98