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More Awesomeness from Nube Ocho

Erizo y Conejo, El susto del viento and La nube cabezota are two adorable books written by Pablo Albo and illustrated by Gómez. I am hoping this duo will produce more of these hilariously written, beautifully illustrated stories.

Erizo y Conejo, El susto del viento, which was selected by the Junior Library Guild, is a story about two best friends who face their fears to save each other from an imaginary threat. Hedgehog and Rabbit are playing in the garden when a sudden gust of wind frightens them. After running in a panic in opposite directions, each stops to think of the other and returns to the garden to save their friend. It is a very sweet, very funny story.

Erizo y Conejo, La nube cabezota is a silly story about two friends working together to try to accomplish an impossible mission - to get a cloud to move. They try to tackle the issue by themselves and, when they are unsuccessful, they ask for help from a crow and a cow, neither of which can hear them. Ultimately, by coincidence, the cloud moves, leaving Hedgehog and Rabbit feeling grateful for the help they think they received.

I love these two books. The stories are super cute, the characters are really sweet, and, best of all, they make me laugh.

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