About Me

I am a bilingual mama (to one of the cutest kids on the planet - second only to yours, of course). When our son came into the world, we wanted him to share our love of reading and language, so we began introducing him to books right away. We also wanted him to grow up bilingual. For us, that means speaking and reading to him in English and Spanish. But when I set out to find great libros infantiles escritos originalmente en español - no traducidos, I had a really hard time. I searched high and low, specifically looking for children's books originally written in Spanish, to capture the beautiful and unique nuances of the language. Turns out, children's books originally written in Spanish are nearly impossible to find in the U.S. There are a few, and you can even buy some of them on Amazon, but they are a lot harder to find and they tend to be a lot more expensive than books in English.


Of course, I found some children's books that have been translated from English to Spanish.  Many of them are good, and they're certainly better than nothing. But some translations are awkward and almost all of them fall short of books originally written in Spanish.


I haven't read every book out there (yet). And for now, I am focusing on books that were or are interesting to our son, who is two years old. But occasionally I venture into material geared towards slightly older toddlers and pre-K. My goal is to review as many books in Spanish for as many age groups as possible, 0 - 17. But, baby steps. All in good time.

I hope this site is useful for you. I wished for a resource like this for us, which is why I created this one for you.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make it better.